Regenerating a community and creating change-makers through Science: The model of the Accademia di Gagliato, Italy (مترجمة)

الفعالية بواسطة رنا الدجاني و Paola Del Zotto Ferrari

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In 2008, the tiny, underserved community of Gagliato, in the poorest region of Europe, Calabria, was host to a most unconventional gathering of brilliant nanoscientists from 7 different nations. Since then, every summer, international creative minds from all scientific fields engage with the community in an interactive experience that has transformed the village and opened unimagined opportunities to its young people. This model of community engagement through science is now being replicated in other disadvantaged communities by the Accademia di Gagliato Globale, through partnerships with stakeholders, including in the MENA region with the organizations WE LOVE READING and the Phi Science Foundation.

رنا الدجاني

رئيسة جمعية تقدم العلوم والتكنولوجيا في الوطن العربي، ورئيسة مسار أساسيات العلوم في أسبوع العلوم العربي

Paola Del Zotto Ferrari

Founder and Presidente, Accademia di Gagliato

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