Lecturers Without Borders

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Scientific conferences take place annually in various places around the world. However, the local community rarely knows about these meetings and usually does not benefit from the temporary wealth of knowledge that is just around the corner. We researchers are relatively frequent travellers with a certain environmental footprint. Anonymous data that we collected from scientific hubs (pre-covid19) indicate that over 50% of researchers travel 2-5 times per year, and 20% do so more than 5 times per year for work or personal reasons. Travelling researchers are a potential opportunity to bring scientists into direct contact with schools and link them with local communities.

Lecturers Without Borders (LeWiBo) is a voluntary platform setup to meet this aim. It was founded by researchers Dr. Liubov Tupikina, Dr. Athanasia Nikolaou, Dr. Delphine Zemp, and educator Mikhail Khotyakov. When a researcher travels to a conference, we match him or her with a nearby school or association that would welcome a free lecture on a scientific topic. This constitutes a shift of paradigm about how scientists and society could better interact nowadays and in the future.

Athanasia Nikolaou

Physicist, postdoctoral researcher Department of Physics, La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. Co-founder of Lecturers Without Borders

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